WIT Wednesday 22 April Follow Up

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This week we were joined by 25 participants for our second Zoom-delivered #WITWednesday – thank you all for dialling in!  We were joined by Pip Haydock from The 2Gether Partnership who shared her thoughts on resilience; along with top tips for things we can easily implement day-to-day.

Next WIT Wednesday – tell us what you want us to cover

Is there a topic, or a particular speaker you would like to hear from?  What would you want us to focus on?  Our next #WITWednesday will be in the morning (8.30 am) and is likely to be Wed 13th May (final info tbc).

Some of the key headlines to come from this week’s session:

Resilience: what is it to you?

We’re currently in a very unique situation which no one has experienced before.  As such we’re building resilience in a very complex world.  The group shared their thoughts, which include the ability to cope, to keep going; making mistakes (and learning from them) and not letting errors define you.

Resilience: how do you know if you have it (or don’t)?

Participants agreed that it’s about not letting things dwell; continuing to push forwards.  It’s about creating a set of tools to not feel overwhelmed and be aware of trigger and warning signs.  This can be reflected in a very simple flowchart:

Adversity (how you handle it) – Mediating Process (e.g. go for a walk talk to someone or take some form of exercise) – Drive a ‘better than expected’ outcome.

Build resilience within yourself:

  • Find your own relaxation techniques – yoga, walk, listen to music
  • Notice when others (or you) are placing unrealistic demands on yourself
  • Take up a new hobby or interest
  • Make time for friends
  • Remember the small things you’re grateful for
  • When you’ve had a tough time remember you got through it before; what did you learm?
  • Take everything one step at a time
  • BE KIND to yourself (just as a friend would); we can often be too hard on ourselves

If you’d like to view the full presentation from Pip at The 2Gether Partership, you can download it here – Pip Haydock presentation: Apr 22nd.


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