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Join Women in Tourism for an Evening of Social Capital and Networking

How do women entrepreneurs build their networks? How do social capital and networking enable women to tackle challenges? Join Women in Tourism on Monday 27 March 2023 at the Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh  (6-8pm) to hear more on the subject from Synden Grieve of Expedia Group.

An Evening of Social Capital & Networking, with Synden Grieve of Expedia

The Women In Tourism team are delighted to be hosting an event to explore social capital and the power of influence.

Using networks & social capital to progress your career

For many women within the sector, we regularly attend events, local and national; to make new contacts and re-engage with existing networks. Have you ever questioned the value of these networks or considered how you could use them more to progress in your career?

Social capital has been described as a ‘glue’ – a way to bring a collection of like-minded people together who have shared values and beliefs. Call it your network, your tribe, your industry colleagues; ultimately it should be a group who share your passion and ambition, and support you to get to where you want to be.

Without adding lots of corporate jargon, have you ever considered how you can use your social capital to ‘get ahead’?  Studies have shown that often women create the most social capital, but often don’t think of it; or know how to maximise it, to seek promotion or elevate to a leadership position.

Easy ‘wins’ to tap into this idea around your network

  • Post-pandemic, re-connect with people you know. Have they changed roles, where are there mutual opportunities?
  • Ask your network for introductions – I’m always super happy to help with one. It’s how connections are made, projects come to life, or collaborations are generated.
  • Reach out to people who interest you! Don’t be scared to use LinkedIn or other social channels to make an approach; but tailor it – why are you connecting?

Join Women in Tourism on Monday 27 March and generate new social capital!


Learn more from Synden Grieve of Expedia, as she provides insights from her MBA research, share your thoughts on your own experience, joining the conversation with Julie Grieve, Founder of  hospitality technology company, Criton, and Lesley Judge, Project Manager of Traveltech for Scotland.

We’re here through WIT to support you in any way we can.

Susan Russell, Chair, Women in Tourism